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Outfits For Black lives Matter Movements

Outfits For Black lives Matter Movements

Written by JP Rose

Yes, black lives matter. but before looking at our outfits let's have a small talk.

My question is to all white people who are blindly immersed in Colorism in all aspects of their lives. Do you think that black people are aliens from an unknown strange planet?!!!, if you're saying yes, then it's time for you to realize that your heart, hidden under your beautiful white skin, has turned to pure blackness and in darkness!. You can't rest in peace with such a weak heart once you pass away from this world. A short poem on my own words to show support for all kind of racism and discrimination.

Poem is about a heartless man who was constantly involved in bullying others until his death without seeking any forgiveness.

I Can't Rest In Peace!

I can't rest in peace,
My heart is not at ease.
You see my soul is crying
What is awaiting me is harrowing!

My place in hell is dark
And I have turned black!.
You see my soul is crying
Alas, why did I do this bullying!.

I wish I could go back
To return everyone back.
But all in vain
And I'm crying in pain!

Now, you can also show your support through all forms. One such way is wearing inspirational outfits which can give a strong impact on others who read it when you wear it. By this you're also supporting me to help victims of such bullying and homeless children and families for their better lives. And also share this with your relatives and friends.

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