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Eudora's Coffee Beans is packed with the premium quality coffee beans freshly roasted to an unforgettable unique flavour that provides a cup of vibrant strength!

All our premium coffees are available with a deliberate selection of grind types:
Aeropress I Beans I Cafetiere I Chemex I Espresso I Filter Machine I Stovetop I V60

About Us

With Eudora's Coffee Beans, taste the exceptional craftsmanship and specialty coffees from sustainable and ethical farms worldwide to our roasting plant in UK to worldwide, where each bean is hand-roasted to complete perfection while building a better future for growers and their families. 

Our premium quality coffee beans are carefully hand roasted and packed freshly straight from our roasting plant to your hands. Our selection of only the best quality organic coffee cherries from the world's top coffee farms in the perfect climate and soil gives Eudora's Coffee Beans an unforgettable unique flavour that provides a cup of vibrant strength.

Our Story

J.P. Rose, the founder of Eudoa's Coffee Beans has named the coffee brand after her novel 'Klytië Eudora Orphanage' lead role character, Eudora. It was not just the novel that made her to choose Eudora's Coffee Beans as the name for their coffee brand. This novel was a beginning for her to explore and experience the unknown routes of success to bring her aspiration in life to help and save homeless and helpless people around her. After years of striving for an endeavour to achieve something to save the dependants around her, she finally launched her dream coffee brand Eudora's Coffee Beans with the help of The Almighty.

Now she hopes that everyone will help her to support her.

Join your hands with Eudora's Coffee Beans and enjoy the unique flavour immersed in the best quality coffee cherries produced by the world's top coffee farms in the perfect climate and soil.

- Eudora's Coffee Beans -
"Enjoy A Cup Of Vibrant Strength"

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