Necklace Air Purifier Pendant Negative Ion Air Cleaner

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Necklace air purifier

Prevent formaldehyde, influenza A virus, secondhand smoke, environmental anger,  ammonia, soot, smog and other harmful substances inhaled into the lungs

15 seconds

15 seconds quickly purify the air         Make you feel like you are in the forest

10 hours

Charge for one hour, use 10 hours

1 m3

Quickly convert dirty air or harmful gases into fresh oxygen within 1 cubic meter

Working Principle

1.ReleaseHigh pressure generation release 3,000,000 negative oxygen ions2.CombineCombined with negative ions of harmful gases in the air3. PrincipleNegative ions in harmful gases repel each other, leaving the breathing space

Silent design

Silent design,<25 dB

Fog radiation can be used by anyone.

Fog radiation can be used by anyone. Its working principle is mainly to achieve the effect of purifying air through the separation and combination of chemical molecules.

Not only air purifiers,

Not only it's a air purifiers, but also a necklaces. The perfect combination of fashion and health


1.Plating metal surface2.Carbon fiber control4.Magnetic charging

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