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Our Campaign

Our Campaign

wave your magic wand fundraising for poor children school education.

"Wave Your Magic Wand"

Wave your magic wand is our new campaign to help and support poor children for their school & shelter.
wave your magic wand fundraising campaign

holy brick you buy & we give fundraiser charity campaign amvaal

"HOLY BRICK You Buy & We Give"

Holy Brick is our one of our ongoing campaigns to help build a better shelter for homeless people in need.

Our every supporters and customers are so valuable to us, as they are a part of helping the little flower buds to have a goal in their lives and fulfill their dreams and to give comfort and care for old aged people who where left alone. You will be blessed for being a part of this.
When you make each purchase through our store, the profit will be used to help the poor children in need.

thankyou love rose fundraiser charity help donate

Thank you all for your immense support and Help !

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