Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Portable Outdoor

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Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Portable Outdoor

1.Support A2DP, AVRCP, Handsfree profile.

2.Bluetooth Version:V4.1+EDR Class 2

3.Working Range:Up to 10metes


5.Net Weight:600g


7.Loudspeaker Output:2*3W

8.Frequency Response:2KHZ-20KHz


10.Distortion: ≤0.5%

11.Battery Voltage/Capacity:1800MAH

12.Battery Charging Voltage:5V±0.5V

13.Battery Charge Time: 4hours time values for speakers :10hours

15.Standby time:200 hours

Package List :
T2 Bluetooth speaker x1;
Charging cable for T2 x1;
Mountaineering hook for T2 x1


The use of mobile phone connection method
1, open the sound at the bottom of the power switch.
2, open the mobile phone wireless settings, enter the search when the search after pairing successfully. On the phone to display T2 and hasConnect. Then you can tum on the player on the phone to play the song, because the phone brand is different, the adopted version of the wireless Also different search the time of the pairing will vary,
the general situation as long as 30 seconds or so. If need to be matched Password,
lose 0000 on the phone eight then press confirmed.
3, key functions,
round, sinceMove out of dialing number, press button at the top
When Core Audio, audio can be directly used to talk with each other, the end of
Two, charge using method
the al charging method is connected to the computer in the attachment USB wire
ver.can realize to prevent the battery power consumption. Please refer to
Or 5V /IA power can ree
your Mobilephone for your tablet operation.
Connection method.
The use of per and meter computer operation method: due to the notebook computer version of the wireless version. e wide variety of connection methods are also different
Such as the first use of the connection can no play, should be installed on the notebook computer version of the new wireless driver. Such as when the case o the connection
when repairing
Difficult, please call the company's service phone or to have computer operations professionals to seek help.
Three, common problem-solving method
1, multiple connections unsuccessful
(1) check whether the audio is in a wireless search state.
(2)too many peripheral wireless receiving equipment, causing 
closing other wireless devices.
2, the sound is too small or distortion check phone volume set value, adjust the amount
of mobile phone volume.
3, the music player appears to break the sound is beyond the sound o the audio and
effective connection distance or between the audio and mobile phone.
4, the button no role please try the phone system comes with a player or other player.



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