Cute Interactive Toy Robot Dance Walking Companion

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Cute Interactive Toy Robot Dance Walking Companion
Lovely shape with Cute voice  
Three variable color lights in the eyes  
Dance different dances with different music
Safety material
Intelligent dialogue mode
Recording mode
 Conduct a speech recognition dialogue with the user.、 two-way motors: forward, backward, left turn, right turn,lighting: two three-color LEDs; touch function: 3 touch points, software touch;voice recording function;
Touch play mode  the robot likesthe child to touch his head and ears, and the contact inter-action creates more surprises for you
Can sing and dance the robot will play music and dance with dance
Intelligent dialogue mode Children can talk to robots and develop their ability to ex-press,communicate and socialize20180716_154957_023
Recording mode press the button on the chest of the robot to enter the recording mode20180716_154957_024
Automatic programming mode Show forward,backward,circle,etc,in the mode20180716_154957_025
Robot can Go ahead,Rotate,Retreat20180716_154957_026
Details show  Robot can Speaker  Environmentally friendly ABS material, safe,resistant to falling
Battery loading and unloding Look this:Open the bottom screw witn screwdriver Open and put 3#7dry batteries
20180716_154957_030AT Robot User Manual 1AT Robot User Manual 220180716_154957_032
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