Dried Shrimps Protein Ant Farm Food Nutritive Ant Farm

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Dried Shrimps Protein Ant Farm Food Nutritive Ant Farm

Type: Insects
product: ant farm
Type: dried shrimps
for: all kinds of ants
Function 1:ant farm accessories
Function 2:for ant farm
Function 3:ant farm supplies
Function 4:for ant nest
Quantity:about 40pcs
Bottle size:4.5x4.5x7cm

20g/40pcs Dried Shrimps Ant Food Ant Farm Accessories Ants Nest Pet Anthill Ant House Supplies

Product description

Product name: Dried Shrimps Ant Food

Weight: 20g (about 40pcs)

Bottle size: 4.5*7cm

For: all kinds of ants


1. Dried shrimps can provide the necessary protein and vitamins for ants

2. Dried shrimps are sealed in a bottle for easy storage.

3. Each bottle of 40 shrimps can feed ants for a long time.

4. Please feed the ants after soaking the shrimps in warm water, if the ant's don"t like the ones with shells, please peel the shells and then feed the ants.

5. If the shrimps are soaked in warm water, the ants still do not eat, so you can soak the shrimps in sugar water.

 Package includes

1 bottle*20g/40pcs dried shrimps


Because the size of shrimp is different, the number of shrimp may be slightly different due to manual filling, I hope you can understand.


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