Keep It Fresh Ziplock Reusable Silicone Vacuum Seal Kitchen Organizer

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Keep It Fresh Reusable Silicone Vacuum Seal Fruit Meat Milk Ziplock Storage Bag Kitchen Refrigerator Organizer


- Environmental friendly non-toxic and tasteless food-grade material.

- Can be used for refrigerators, microwave oven, electric oven.

- Dishwasher safe and can be boiled.

- Leak-proof seal to store liquid items like milk, juice, etc.

- Has a high and low-temperature resistance, the use of temperature range  -50 ° ~ +250 °. 

- Good sealing that completely isolates from the internal and external gas flow.

- Can be used in the refrigerator to cover the bowl, pot, pots, etc., will not smell as it is completely

isolated from the air to achieve the best preservation effect.

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