Kids Float Discs Learn To Swim Arm Band Inflatable Swimming Float

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Made of EVA foam material, will not chip or absorb water
Learn-to-swim aid for kids in the water
Single diameter18.6cm,, thickness 2.2cm
Suitable for kids
Dual chamber heavy duty arm band for added safety and durability
Soft fitting on the arm.
Foam swim disc swimming aid offering an exciting alternative to inflatable arm bands.
Can be worn collectively, removing discs one at a time as confidence and ability increases.
Very helpful and great fun item for children swimming assistance.
Great for use as a swimming aid, although this should not be used a lifesaving device.
Awesome for kids learning to swim, safe, practical and very comfortable for the child.
Make it easy and encourages child to move and relax in the water.
Light weight and easy to carry.



Material:     EVA
Color: Red, blue, yellow
diameter: 18.6cm,
thickness: 2.2cm

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