Mini Scuba Diving Mini Scuba Diving Oxygen Tank with Accessories

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Mini Scuba Diving Oxygen Air Tank

Material: Aviation aluminum/PC/ food grade silicone

Product size: 35.2 cm height x 6 cm dia.

Pressure: 3000 psi/200 bar

Capacity:  0.5L

Three kinds of charging ways:

1. Special high pressure (≥3000 psi) manual inflator pump. Please note if you need to inflate the tank to fully state, you have to press the pump app. 600 times.

2. Choose our scuba adapter, then inflate by a large oxygen cylinder.

3. Special high pressure (≥3000 psi) electric inflatable pump.

Please note

that when the oxygen cylinder pressure gauge pointer reaches 3000psi/20bar (the red indicator line), the scuba is full. Please stop pumping

There"s only one oxygen cylinder in this option. If you need to inflate, prepare your own adapter or pump, or go to the local diving base to inflate!


1. Made of 6061 aviation aluminum material. the thickness of the bottle is 4.5 mm, Weight is only 970g.

2. Portable design, simple operation, so that you can always enjoy diving to bring you endless fun.

3. Our mini scuba can be carried onboard (the bottle head and body need to be separated).

4. Compared with traditional oxygen Tank, our mini oxygen Tank are easier to operate and allows more people to experience the joy of diving.

Very important:

The package will exceed 2KG. Due to the special nature of some countries, logistics will change. We will make logistics choices according to the country. Please understand! Thank you very much!

Package Included:

1xDiving Oxygen tank


Package A:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Scuba head

Package B:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Scuba head+Oxygen tank special bag

Package C:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Pump

Package D:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Pump+Oxygen tank special bag

Package E:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Pump+Scuba head

Package F:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Pump+Special box

Package G:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Pump+Scuba head+Special box

Package H:1 x Diving Oxygen tank+Pump+Scuba head+Special box+Swimming mask

Package I:2 x Diving Oxygen tank+Pump+Scuba head+Special box+Swimming mask




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