Wireless Mouse Pad Charger in Smart Accessories

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 Wireless Mouse Pad Charger in Smart Accessories


Power: Below 10W

Conversion: Above 73%

Certification: RoHS CE FCCMC2 Wireless Mouse Pad ChargerAutomatic inductive charging | Variable-frequency Quick Charge | Sweat Absorbing & Waterproof


Simple design, less is more

Seamless integration of wireless charger and mouse pad, re-simplify the complicated desktop


Put and get charged, practical supremely

Non-switch design, automatic inductive charging, effectively utilize the fragment time to ensure every travel with full power


15" Competitive pad

With a 15" standard competitive mouse pad, help you easily handle various extreme operations to win each competition


Competitive model, specially designed for professional players

Quick-drying ice silk fabrics made of polyester Alta fiber, with the characteristics of sweat absorption, quick-drying, smooth and low friction, etc., and maintain the consistent hand feeling.


Wood grain model, specially designed for fashion insider

The surface is made of water-based protein wood grain PU leather, not only with a mild hand feel, but also has a retro appearance, which creates a quite stylish atmosphere for the desktop.


Dual coil & dual power

With dual coils simultaneously energy supply, the induction area is larger and farther, and the charging effect will not be affected even using the phone case within 8 mm thickness.


Anti-slip design

The back is made of suede fabrics, which effectively prevent slipperily and increases the friction, and is still stable and reliable even on a glass table.


Waterproof properties

Pass IP54 level Waterproof & Dustproof Test, can easily handle the accidental overturning of the water cup


Healthy without radiation

Built-in ferrite magneto-resistance sheet, which effectively isolates scattering electromagnetic waves and passes multiple safety tests, is healthy without radiation


Smart protection chip

Equipped with a new generation JCP smart chip, monitor the whole process of charging status to ensure the safety of the equipment

Temperature protection / short-circuit protection / over-voltage protection / overcharge protection / Over-discharge protection / Power protection / foreign substance protection / magnetic field protection


Variable-frequency quick charge

According to Qi Quick Charging Agreement, the supply power of 5w to 10w can be dynamically adjusted in different environments to be suitable for various USB interface power supplies.

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